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2011 I-CON Contest Pages

I-CON 2011
Icon Automotive Miniatures
would like to thank the following sponsors for helping to bring you the first in what we hope to be a long line of successful On-Line model car contests.

TNT Hobbies since 1993

M & S Hobbies


Mac's Modeling
      P.O. Box 14572 Scottsdale, AZ. 85267. 
Tel: 480-258-1050    Fax: 602-788-0869 


Categories Sub-Categories
A - Small Scale A-1 - Curbside
1/32nd and Smaller A-1 List of Entries
  A-2 - Full Detail
  A-2 List of Entries
B - Standard Scale B-1 - Curbside
1/24th Through 1/20th B-1 List of Entries
  B-2 - Full Detail
  B-2 List of Entries
C - Large Scale C-1 - Curbside
1/18th and Larger C-1 List of Entries
  C-2 - Full Detail
  C-2 List of Entries


You can check out all the winners of I-CON 2011 here



I-CON 2011 extra photo submissions not used in the judging of the contest.

I-CON 2011 "Out-takes"



Icon Automotive Miniatures is Happy to Announce


The Icon Automotive Miniatures On-Line Model Car Contest

Currently the list of donating sponsors looks like this.

TNT Hobbies since 1993

M & S Hobbies

Mac's Modeling, LLC.
      P.O. Box 14572 Scottsdale, AZ. 85267. 
4910 E. Charter Oak Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. 85254 (Corp. Address)
Tel: 480-258-1050    Fax: 602-788-0869 


            This contest is open to F1 (Formula 1), Indy Cars & LeMans (Group-C, IMSA-GTP, World Endurance) Style Sports Cars. Subjects should be built from kits or from scratch. Please, no Die-cast or Modified Die-cast.

Our intent in having this contest is to help improve the web presents of Icon Automotive Miniatures and to promote the modeling hobby as a whole. We encourage everyone to build to whatever level they are comfortable with. If this contest inspires improvement, or a new challenge, then we are pleased to offer this opportunity to you.

This contest is open to anyone who has a model that will fit into one of the Sub-Categories below. It is open to your past builds as well as anything you may have currently in the works as long as you are finished with it and can submit the required pictures before the deadline. You can enter as many models as you like into as many categories and classes as you choose, but please be aware, there will be no sweeps allowed in this contest.  

Even though we hope to better promote Icon Automotive Miniatures, there is in no way any restrictions that require the use of Icon Automotive Miniatures products on your model.

However, if you do use Icon Automotive Miniatures products on your build you will be eligible for the “Icon” award to be presented to the best model using Icon Automotive Miniatures tires. This award will be given in the same manor as a “Best of Show” award, over and above the normal 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place awards.

In addition we will be awarding a “Best of Show”. There will be no “People’s Choice” award.

                         Categories                                                                                                            Sub-Categories 

                       A) Small Scale      (1/32nd and smaller)                                                                     A-1) Curb Side

                                                                                                                                                       A-2) Full Detail

                       B) Standard Scale (1/24th through 1/20th)                                                                B-1) Curb Side

                                                                                                                                                       B-2) Full Detail

                      C) Large Scale       (1/18th and larger)                                                                      C-1) Curb Side

                                                                                                                                                      C-2) Full Detail

Category, Sub-category & Class Revision, It was suggested that the category break down may have been too confusing. In an attempt to simplify things I have done away with the classes as these were really only in place to make it easier for everyone to know if an entry was built out of the box or modified. This has no effect on the awards or the judging of entries. Judging of entries was always going to take place at the Sub-Category level anyway. See “Awards” below for a further break down on the awards.

It is important to note that the categories are combined so that Open Wheel models will be directly competing against the Sport Car models. However, if we receive enough entries (minimum of 6 entries of each type per sub-category, that’s 6 Open Wheel cars and 6 Sports Cars) then we reserve the right to split any given sub-category so that Open Wheel models will only be competing against Open Wheel models and Sports Cars against Sports Cars. Additional awards will be introduced if categories are split.

 Requirements are as follows:

You will need to submit an email to derek_collins@iconautomotiveminiatures.com . Your email is to include items 1 thru 6 listed below. Your entries into the contest can start now. We will post your name only, the details of the build and all the pictures that you supply on the Icon Automotive Miniatures web site. The deadline for last minute submissions is 12:00AM on the night of August 31st 2011 so make sure your email is sent prior to that date and time.

 Please provide us with:

1)      Your Name, Age and Region of the World you live in.

2)      The Category / Sub-Category you are entering your model into.

3)      The scale of your model.

4)      The name of the kit -Tell us what you started with and who the manufacturer was/is.

5)      8 digital photos from the following angles. Front, Rear, Right side, Left side, Top, and 3 optional photos of your choice that show off the details of your model the best.

6)      The description – Tell us everything you want us to know about your model including any and all detail items used, decals if they are something special and any modified or scratch built parts that you want us to know about. If it is supposed to represent a particular event in history then let us know about that as well. This is your chance to build up your model with every bit of info you want to be said about it, so make it good, there is no limit. Just make sure it is an honest description as the facts will be checked by our crack team of experts. If you want to reference an on-line forum to show your work during the build please provide us with a link. This may also help you during the judging..

Note; Instructions are not required to be submitted at the time of entry for OOB builds, but may be requested from any entrant to ensure adherence to the rules. Failure to provide scans/photos or a web link of the instruction booklet, if requested, may result in the model being moved into a more suitable class to be determined by the judges or out right disqualification.

 Explanation of Terms and Definitions:

1)      “OOB”, means exactly that. The kit must be built Out Of the Box. The only thing you can do is showcase your painting and clean building talents. Also, decals are open in the OOB classes, anything goes, so long as it is representative of the subject you are re-creating. In other words, make sure the subject has carbon fiber suspension parts before you add carbon decals to the suspension. Or you may loose “points” for inaccuracies. If there is an alternative decal livery available and you would like to use those decals that will be accepted. Bare Metal Foil type products are also allowed to represent finishes, much like painting or decals. It cannot be used to “build up” a part in its own right.

2)      “Modified”, If you use ANYTHING other than what came out of the box then your model will be considered Modified and will be judged accordingly

3)      ”Scratch Built Parts” will be defined as parts that YOU made from RAW MATERIALS. These are not parts that you paid someone to make for you, those will be considered detail parts. If you “Scratch Build” a part according to the terms above, then you make a RTV mold and make copies yourself, (let's say a wheel for example) that will be considered “Scratch Built” because YOU made the first article and all subsequent copies of that article.

            Clarification: Kit parts that have been copied by way of RTV mold and cast in resin, even if they have been modified, are not considered “Scratch Built Parts” so be careful about how you describe your model so that you get full and correct credit for your build during the judging process.

4)      “Detail Parts” will be considered as parts you paid someone other then yourself to make for you or “After Market” parts you bought that are not generally included in your kit.

5)      “Modified Kit Parts” are just that, kit parts that YOU modified. Modified kit parts are not considered “Scratch Built Parts” and will be judged accordingly.

6)      “No Sweeps” means if you enter more than one model in any one category, we choose the best of that single entrants work and it alone competes against the others entries within that one category.  Even if that single entrant had the best two models, second place goes to the next best model built by another entrant with in that category. This is so that one single entrant can not “sweep”( place 1st,2nd, and/or 3rd ) in any single category.


Judging will commence on September the 1st

In general we will be following the judging guidelines of the best known modeling contests from around the US and the globe except in those cases already outlined above in the Explanation of Terms and Definitions section. In addition there are some basic things the judges will be looking for listed below. We think if you know what the judge’s perspective is, it can be a benefit to you.  These are some of the fundamentals. 

 What are the Judges looking for?

First is general quality and command of the basics of model building. This means the parts are assembled neatly and aligned correctly. For example, all the tires are touching the ground symmetrically and the model is sitting evenly. The sprue nubs have been completely and cleanly removed and touched up if needed, this includes chrome and clear parts. Ejection pin marks (those pesky round indentations) and flash (excess plastic) should be removed as well as any other imperfections. No excess glue should be showing.
            The paint should be uniform, no dirt or fingerprints. If multiple colors are used, the masked lines should be clean and sharp. Orange peel and runs, as well as poorly executed body work, will result in a lower "score".

            Adding extra detail is great. But if the basic construction is not executed well, the extra parts won't matter much. An Out-Of The-Box model built very cleanly will almost always beat a model that has been super detailed, but not met the requirements of basic quality construction.

            If you do add details or do something special, note it in the description when you submit your entry, but keep in mind we study every model regardless of notations.

            Moving parts are not a plus or a minus. If they are done well, and all things are equal between a model with moving parts and one without, it may tip the scales toward the working one. But rarely are "all things equal".

            Difficulty of the kit used is considered, but the primary focus is the end result, it is the finished model that is being judged.

            Subject and color do matter to the judges, every model will be fully studied. Make sure to use the appropriate color for your subject so that you do not loose “points” for using an inaccurate color.

            Some colors and paints are inherently more difficult to work with. Consideration is given to them, but they still must be applied well.  Another case of "all things being equal", a more difficult paint job can sway the results in that direction.

            Models also should be constructed as logical counterparts to real cars. For example, while an incorrect firing order on a wired engine is not catastrophic, plumbing the fuel lines to the spark plugs would certainly be noted as a negative. The more accurate and logical the mechanicals are the better.
            Granted, many models are not exact replicas of real cars, but that does not negate reasonable and logical requirements of mechanical construction.
            When you can see clean through the wheels, wheel wells, engine, chassis and out the other side, that also is not mechanically sound. Same thing with being able to see through gaps elsewhere on the model. While these situations may not bump a model out of serious competition, by not having those problems it elevates it substantially.

            Models that are built as replicas of a car during an actual event should be just that, copies in as many respects as possible to that of the real car. Documentation, while not required, is a benefit. On the other side of that coin, documentation that shows the model does not match the intended real car is of no benefit.

            Some models are weathered to some degree. Just like other aspects of modeling, well executed dirt is usually better than poorly done clean. Weathered models are judged on their own merits just as any other entry.

Last, keeping in mind the phrase, “General Quality and Command of the Basics of Model Building” we are going to institute what we will call “The Minimum Quality of Building Requirement”. This is so that we can maintain across the board a certain level of quality that will prevent someone from grabbing an old build off the back of the shelf, dusting it off and entering it only because they see a limited number of entries for a given category. To explain further, if there are only three subjects entered in a category and third does not meet “The Minimum Quality of Building Requirement” then the third place award may not be given to that entry and could very well be given out as a fourth place award or an “Honorable Mention” in another category.

If you have any questions about any of these guidelines you can send an email for clarification to, derek_collins@iconautomotiveminiatures.com


All winners will be posted up on Icon Automotive Miniatures website on the weekend of September the 9th. Awards will be handed out, so to speak, and the winners notified via email at that time as well.

Here is how the awards will break down. We will award a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place award for each Sub-Category as well as an OOB award for each Sub-Category. You could potentially win two awards for your OOB entry. I addition as stated above there will be a “Best of Show” & the “Icon” award. All awards will be in the form of a Gift Certificate to an on-line retailer or in the form of Icon Automotive Miniatures products.

Awards amendment, we have done away with Best Open Wheel and Best Sports Car because we feel that they are redundant and that the Best of show award should be sufficient for the "Best of" award. We have also eliminated the Best Paint / Finish because I have been told by our judges that a Best Paint award is hard enough to give in person so trying to do it on-line would be an injustice to all models entered. Rest assured that the money set aside for the deleted awards is going to be put into boosting the remaining awards.

Simple suggestions for shooting pictures of your models from Steve Mohlenkamp, Professional Race Photographer:

Daylight: Shoot on cloudy days, or in shade on bright days. Use auto color balance on your camera to reduce the "blue" that occurs when shooting with cooler light. When shooting out in the bright sunlight, be prepared to diffuse and soften the light on a bright day, with a white bed sheet, or even better yet, something smaller like sheets of vellum or tracing paper from an art supply store. Mounting it between your subject and the light source, ( the sun in this case ) can be done in any way, ...you are a modeler, solve it and get it suspended horizontally above the model. The idea is to reduce the amount of hard light hitting the subject. Just keep adding layers of the translucent paper until your pictures of your models have reduced bright highlight reflections.

Indoor lighting: The idea here is to recreate the normal look of outside light. One light source above and slightly behind the subject is a good place to start. This can be a lamp with the shade removed, or any other electric light source that you can somehow suspend above the subject. Since this setup lights the subject from slightly behind and above, and thus front facing areas of the subject aren't lit directly, you can then bounce light back into the subject from the camera angle, with pieces of white foam core, or even little mirrors for harder bounce back, to light those areas. Gold mat board will reflect a gold very warm light back into the subject ! Use the layers of vellum or tracing paper between the light source and the subject to again soften harsh reflections.

Try to use a background that looks natural, and for a really nice "pavement" look to set your model on, spray a speckled spray paint used to resemble stone, found at any Wal-mart, Target, or such, to create a little texture, and then cover with a hap hazard coat of flat black and you have the perfect paved looking "set" to shoot your models. Shoot at some elevated angles, but always remember to shoot at some low level and ground level angles to more represent the angles we see these cars if they would be right on front of us, in real. You can stand black or any color poster board in the background to eliminate chaotic and distracting backgrounds. You can also create a seamless background by taking a large sheet of poster board, and laying it flat on a surface and simply bending the far edge up and supporting it that way, to create a curve upward with the model on the flat front part of the set.

Happy shooting !!!!!!!

Steve Mohlenkamp

Well, that’s it!! I hope you will join in on the fun and build a model for the Icon Automotive Miniatures On-Line Model Car Contest!!

 Happy Modeling!!!


Derek Collins


Official Prize Announcement

This is what you will get if your model wins one of the following awards.

Icon Award:

For the best model using Icon Automotive Miniatures products. The winner of this award will receive a $200.00 USD cash prize. Plus a MFH 1/12th scale McLaren M23 Trans-kit along with the Tamiya 1/12th scale donor kit.

Best of Show Award:

Well, the title says it all. The winner of this award will receive a $200.00 USD cash prize. Plus a 1/20th scale Wolf Models F1 kit (kit yet to be determined). Kit donated courtesy of Tom at TNT hobbies.

Category Awards:

1st Place: The winner of 1st place in each category will receive a $100.00 USD cash prize in addition to a 1/20th Tamiya McLaren M23 kit with Icon Automotive Miniatures set of tires (Slicks or Rains, the winner can choose). As well as a set of decals from F1 Specialties. Decals donated courtesy of F1 Specialties.

2nd Place: The winner of 2nd place in each category will receive a $50.00 USD cash prize in addition to a Revell 1/24th scale F1 or Sports Car kit. Along with a set of decals from Indycals. Kits donated courtesy of Revell USA. Decals donated courtesy of  Indycals.

3rd Place: The winner of 3rd place in each category will receive a $25.00 USD cash prize as well as two sets of Speedline decals. Decals donated courtesy of  Stradasports.

Out of the Box: The winner of the OOB award in each category will receive a $50.00 USD cash prize along with a set of Icon Automotive Miniatures tires, a Fujimi 1/20th scale F1 kit, plus a set of Speedline decals. Fujimi kits and Speedline decals donated courtesy of Kevin at Stradasports.

All Kits and or Cash prizes unless otherwise noted have been supplied by Icon Automotive Miniatures for your continued enjoyment of this great hobby.

Icon Automotive Miniatures strongly suggest that if you have not already done so please enter a model today for a chance at these great prizes.

Last, I have one final amendment to the categories and awards. We have stated that if enough entries are received that the categories will be split up into F1 and Sports Cars competing in their own respective categories. This will not happen now. I have reached my limit as far as the cash I can put into this and this will have to be good enough for this year. Maybe next time we can split up the cats, we will see.

Thanks to all, now enter a model!!!!

Derek Collins




Icon Automotive Miniatures
would like to thank the following sponsors for helping to bring you the first in what we hope to be a long line of successful On-Line model car contests.

TNT Hobbies since 1993

M & S Hobbies


Mac's Modeling
      P.O. Box 14572 Scottsdale, AZ. 85267. 
Tel: 480-258-1050    Fax: 602-788-0869