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2011 I-CON Contest Pages


1927 Fiat 806

By Christian Franke


It's a Protar 1927 FIAT 806 1500CC

The old and rare Protar kit has a few metal parts. The complete chassis and the body parts are made of metal. I drilled all the rivets out of the body parts and replace it with real rivets. What a work! I must used about 30 drill bits! The inside of the cockpit on the bottom, was made with real wood and some detail parts like screws and rivets. All screws and rivets from the chassis are replaced with real ones. I added a lot of cables in the engine room. Also some detail screws on the outside. The seat was put in some real leather from MFH. The color is an semi-gloss look like the real old-ones had at that time. I choose an old and dirty looking, red like the Italian cars had at that time.

Here is an link to the wip on the f1m-forum - Click Here



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