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2011 I-CON Contest Pages


1968 Matra MS11

By Daniel Ledford


Tamiya Matra MS-11

I took the original kit and added many detail parts to it. The old battery box was removed from the cockpit and pedals were added. Turned metal gauge pods were added to the dash as well as appropriate wiring harnesses. Harness was made using the Tamiya p/e set and correctly sized ribbon.

The wing braces were replaced with scratch built pieces from wire and hex rods. All body rivets were sanded down and replaced with archer fine details resin rivet detail. Tamiya TS sprays were used with an automotive clear (1k) topcoat to seal it.

On the engine, the throttle linkage was improved by scratch building a more true-to-life version using small gauge aluminum tube and resin nuts and bolts. Fuel lines were replaced with appropriately sized tubing and the fuel distributor was re-worked to be more realistic as well, compared to the original kit part. All bolts from the valve covers were replaced with resin bolts, as appropriate. Metal finishes are TS sprays, Testor's Metallizers and Kosutte Gin San (for chrome or highly polished aluminum surfaces). Small-gauge springs are used to replicate exhaust retainer springs.

The brakes were detailed in several ways. The mounting studs were drilled out and replaced with wire and heat-sensitive paint was replicated on the edge of the disc. Brake lines and fluid nipples replicated on the calipers as well.



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