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2011 I-CON Contest Pages


1998 Ferrari 333SP

By Ed Hunt


MG Models 333SP 12th.sc.

This one will be after Chassis #026, a second generation Ferrari SP produced under rights by Michelotto. It depicts the 3rd. place 1998/99 Rolex Daytona 24 Hours car. The car qualified 2nd. and eventually finished 3rd. after leading handily in the late stages. Reportedly the right rear upright developed issues and several stops were required to set things right.

This project began with the resin/white metal/PE MG “full detail” kit (since discontinued). Deficiencies and inaccuracies resulted in the use of a mere handful of kit components most of which required significant changes to replicate this second generation car.

A Tamiya engine block was chosen, along with the F-190 exhaust primary pipes, as a base to develop the drive line. Essentially everything else was fabricated (“scratch built”) to suit this example. Approximately 700 components (I quit counting) were eventually required to complete the car as illustrated here. Machined components are too numerous to detail here (see link below).

MG components utilized comprised the basic F&R body sections, roll hoop, monocoque (interior shell), intake snorkel, windscreen/headlamp covers, wing support and mirror bodies.

AZRM provided the wheel spiders (Thanks Mac!), R&B a handful of electrical connectors and Modelers a batch of A/N fittings.

Exterior finish comprises automotive lacquer beneath PPG urethane clear.

Graphics are masterpieces by F1M's own James B (Many Thanks James!).

A comprehensive WIP can be found at F1M: Click Here


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