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The WS-1204 wheel set is a replacement set to be used with the Protar Alfa Romeo 179 kit #167. They replace the kits wheels with a better detailed set of wheels used in races in 1980. The kit contains 2 15 inch front wheels & 2 13 inch rear wheels and can be used with the #ST-1204-15 tire set or with the Protar kit tires. The images shown are with the ST-1204-15 tire set in place. This set is scheduled for release in July or August 2014. The set is made up of 4 resin cast wheel rims . All of the hardware will NOT be included in the set but has been taken into consideration so that one can easily install T2M hardware in the pre drilled holes. T2M hardware needed is 32 pieces of T2M-1008 for the bead lock bolts, 4 piece of T2M-1016 for the tire air valve stem. I've decided to let the modeler source his or her own hardware because T2M will not package items in the quantities I need them packaged in thus making it too expensive for me to supply the hardware. You can buy the hardware for what I can buy it for so to make it less expensive I will let you take care of that. To complete the package for this conversion of the Protar Alfa 179 Icon Automotive Miniatures suggests the purchase of the fantastic new decal set by Best Balsa Kits in Belgium. You can order them HERE


Please check back for updates if you are interested in this wheel set or you can send your inquiry to: